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Youth Hockey

The North Shore Ice Arena offers youth classes and clinics for all ages.
See below for clinic descriptions, class times, session dates and pricing.


Session Dates

We are currently not offering fall youth classes for fall/winter 2014.


Learn to Skate: For those who have never skated or taken formal lessons before. Skaters will learn the basics of balance, marching & gliding & will be introduced to stopping.


Pre Hockey 1: skaters will learn the following hockey skating techniques, backwards skating, 2 foot turns, 1 foot hockey stops and skating agility moves


Pre Hockey 2: Skaters will continue to develop strides & will learn forward crossovers, 2foot stops, inside edge glides, backward "C" cuts, & increase skating speed.


Mite Power Skills: 20 minutes of skating utilizing drills designed to improve starts, stops, and edge control followed by 25 minutes of stick handling, shooting & passing.


Mite 3 on 3:  Skaters utilize passing, stick handling, & shooting skills in game setting. 3v3 game offers a chance to practice quick transitions from defense to offense & skating in small areas.



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